Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stone Wolf

So, in addition to cooking and food-related posts, I'll also be posting about various wines we try. Today's wine, a 2006 Stone Wolf Pinot Gris that we got for around $15:

We tried this wine at a tasting at the Twisted Vine in Grandview. They have weekly wine tastings (Thursday - Saturday, 6-9) and feature a flight of reds and a flight of whites. So far, we've enjoyed the whites the most, although admittedly, we've only gone twice. One gem we found on our first trip was this Pinot Gris. It is rare that Z and I both enjoy the same white wines (we're typically on the same page when it comes to reds). This was a clean, crisp tasting white wine that held up over the course of the evening. One of the other whites we had during the tasting started out good, but by the time it had warmed up slightly, was no longer enjoyable - this is particularly bad, considering that later in the evening, our intoxication went up, and with it the strictness of our taste preferences went down!

After the tasting, we ended up getting a bottle (along with bottles of 5 other wines) to take home (hence the picture by Z on our back porch). It went very well with dinner the following week, a panko crusted perch with dill and lemon zest in the breading, asparagus on the grill, and couscous.

We've only started to work through our other purchases from that evening, but I'll be blogging about one of the ports we picked up soon. Z has really been into ports lately, and I've been happy to go along with it. One thing I love is that with the higher alcohol content, they'll last quite a while without losing much in flavor. Of course, with the higher alcohol, less is needed anyway!

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