Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Camera

Now that I have a new camera, I've begun playing around with it. Mostly, I've been shooting mundane objects, such as my watch (on a table), or blurry objects like Nizhoni quickly approaching me. However, last night, when I was mowing my yard, I noticed something odd about a pine(ish) tree in the front yard. From a distance, it looked sorta like it had dew on it.

However, upon closer inspection (i.e., when I had to mow under the tree), I noticed that it has these little purple berry sort of things.

Now, I know this isn't food, but I was curious if anyone knew the variety of this tree?


Kim said...

I don't know it by name, but those trees are all over the place in Southern California! I even had one in my front yard growing up... so your post made me a little nostalgic. :)

Ken said...

hmm... that kit lens has terrible focus. you should buy a nice lens and give it to me. then you can use my 50mm. just a suggestion. :)