Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eating instead of cooking

Since my days in Columbus are limited, Z and I have been hitting up places we're going to miss, have fond memories of, or haven't yet tried. Today was a 2-fer, with one we had not tried and one we have fond memories of.

For the one we had not tried, the German Village Coffee Shop (aka - Der Kaffe Haus). It was a very good find - the food was extremely reasonably, and the portions were more than reasonable. I got a short stack and a side of bacon for around $5, and it was way too much food. The pancakes were large, thick, and fluffy (and loaded with complex grease-bohydrates). Z had a monte cristo sandwhich, and also had more than she could finish.

Then, this evening, Z and I returned to the site of our first official date, Hunan Lion. While I'm sure the food is not "authentic," that sure doesn't mean it isn't delicious. They serve family style, so we split veggie spring rolls and orders of sesame beef and mango chicken. Both were very good, but the sesame beef was absolutely delicious. They must put crack or some other controlled substance in the sauce, because it was hard to stop eating.


maylily18 said...

so i have a recipe for you, for carbonara. :) i think you will like it. i don't know how much you are gonna cook in texas (you should know i am pronouncing it tay-haas), but i will send it when i stop taking naps in my free time. seriously, all i do is sleep or think about sleeping. :)

Ken said...

I'm always open to new recipes. I'm sure I'll cook less when I'm in Texas, just because Z won't be there at first, but I'll definitely still be cooking!

maylily18 said...

yes i read your comments. you should know that reading friends' blogs is one of my greatest sources of entertainment during the day, herego post often. :)

i will get off my duff and send the recipe soon.

Sam said...

I need to check out this "Der Kaffe Haus." Your description sounds good, but the name is all wrong. I think I'll graffiti their sign correct just to teach them a lesson (in German grammar and spelling, that is). Das Kaffee Haus won't know what hit 'em.

Also, thanks for the glasses :-)